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Helps to Maintain Healthy Joints and Skin

Pure-Col® is a very unique HIGH QUALITY collagen capsule which uses an amino lock procedure to ensure maximum absorption into the body.
The manufactures have been working with Collagen for over 20yrs and
Pure-Col® has become the finest of all collagen products available today with the big advantage of a long term track record.
Each tub contains 90 capsules of 400mg of Pure-Col®

Pure-Col - Collagen Bio-Active Matrix
100% Pure Collagen Formula

Also Helping You To Maintain Healthy
And an Active Lifestyle


Look and Feel Great Naturally withPure-Col

It is scientifically proven that from age 25+, our own collagen levels start to decline. So it makes sense to supplement this decline with high grade, 100% pure collagen formula to help reduce the effects of ageing.
Collagen makes up approximately 75% of the dermal layer of skin and accounts for about 90% of the dermal volume. As our own collagen levels drop, over time we see our skin age, our hair start to think and our bones and nails become brittle.
With extensive documented research and clinical trials by doctors and specialists globally to prove the efficacy of collagen and its beauty benefits

Pure-Col is the ideal supplement to take to achieve top-to-toe perfection.

Not All Collagen Capsules Are Created Equal

Independent research has shown Pure-Col® to be the most usable and easiest to assimilate of all the collagen products available in the market place
Pure-Col Collagen can help YOU
Address your beauty needs from within

Plump tired looking skin
Smooth fine lines & wrinkles
Improve quality for a lustrous shine
Strengthen nails
Assist mobility and reduce joint pain


Pure-Col - Is a must have companion to any anti-ageing regime or treatment programme
Beauty on the Outside
Begins on the Inside .....

Collagen Amounts To At Least 25-35 Percent Of The Body's Protein and

Collagen is considered to be the protein that holds the body cells together......

Collagen is the body's most abundant natural protein and it has been shown scientifically that the supply begins to fail to meet the demand at a rate of about 1.5% per year.

That is why Pure-Col is so important to help address your Beauty needs.
Pure-Col is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development,

manufactured under regulated, clean room conditions.
Pure-Col incorporates unique enhanced amino acids,

which enables a greater absorption rate by the body.
Pure-Col provides a safe, natural and effective alternative to invasive aesthetic procedures.
Pure-Col complements any anti-ageing regime or treatment programme.
A standard skin cream alone may not be enough to counter the physical effects of ageing.

However, used simultaneously with a supplement such as Pure-Col, this combination should boost your beauty needs from the inside out and provide maximum impact for more effective results.


Directions for use;
For best results, take 3 capsules daily just before sleeping with a glass of water
We recommend you give the product time to work with you over the next 3 - 6 months, and you may not only see but feel the difference…..
Health Warning: Not to be taken by pregnant women or if taking warfarin. Seek professional advice if unsure.

Redefining the feel good & look good factor.........

Pure - Col 100% PURE COLLAGEN